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The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) said 15 women’s national team players will resign due to the impact on their “emotional state” and “health”, while Jorge Verda will remain as coach.

Verda has an agreement to stay on as coach until 2024, although RFEF president Luis Rubiales has yet to sack the boss, despite calls for his removal in early September.

A number of Spanish players have now emailed the RFEF refusing to play until the decision to keep Verda is “reversed” due to conditions affecting their “emotional state” and “health”.

Despite apparent dissatisfaction with Verda’s reign, his side have already qualified for next year’s World Cup.

However, a large number of Spanish players are now refusing to play during his tenure as coach.

The RFEF responded that the unnamed players would not be called up until they “recognize their mistakes and mistakes”.

“RFEF will not allow players to question the continuity of the national team coach and his coaching staff, as it is not within their purview to make these decisions,” the statement read.

“The Football Association will not recognise pressure of any kind from any player when it comes to sporting measures. These types of practices are far from exemplary, go beyond the values ​​of football and sport and are harmful.

“Under current Spanish law, not playing for the national team is classified as a very serious violation that could result in a disqualification of two to five years.”