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Gabriel Clemens FAIL! (NEWS: Everything you need to know about darts)

The “German Giant” had a wild match against Jonny Clayton in the quarter-finals of the Belgian Darts Open, losing 5-6.

It was especially painful for Clemens: the German missed three match darts in a double-six. Clayton, on the other hand, took the ace with two highs and checked out 156 and so on.

On the whole, however, both opponents performed well. Clayton’s three-dart average (97.59) and Clemens’s (96.46) were both impressive.

Schindler won only one quarterfinal

The Briton now faces Andrew Gilding in the semi-finals, who previously beat another German starter, Schindler. Gilding eased to a 6-2 victory over the 26-year-old.

Schindler started with a 1-0 lead. Gilding then finished with an average three-dart score of 87.41 to pull away with the leg of five consecutive wins. (PDC Medal of Merit: Current World Darts Ranking)

At the tournament in Wieze on Sunday afternoon, Clemens and Schindler set a milestone for Germany: Never before have there been two Germans in the quarter-finals on the European Tour. Schindler also posted the best result of his career on the European Tour.

Belgian Darts Open: Final Night Results

Quarterfinals (best of 11 rounds)

Andrew Gilding – Martin Schindler 6:2

Jonny Clayton – Gabriel Clemens 6:5

Jose de Sousa-Dave Chisner 2:6

Danny Noppert – Adrian Lewis

Semifinals (best of 13 rounds)

Gold Plated – Clayton/Clemens

De Sousa/Chisner-Nopert/Lewis

Finale (best of 15 rounds)