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‘Jackass’ actor causes total chaos in ‘Celebrity Family Feud’ finale: ‘He licked his ass!’ ‘

The cast of Jackass Forever, led by creators Johnny Knoxville and Jeff Tremaine, battled it out in Thursday’s Celebrity Family Feud season finale. As you can imagine, the entire episode was filled with laughter. However, it is also full of some penalties for wrong answers. After Dave England responded “in second place” to the prompt: “Tell me some of the things you hate the most about having sex in an airplane bathroom,” Knoxville quickly, unexpectedly, walked over to England and went straight to the chest. The sudden impact shocked England so much that his body bounced to the ground at least four feet. “I’m sorry, Steve, but that’s a poor answer,” Knoxville said. Host Steve Harvey couldn’t believe what he just saw, screaming: “He touched his ass!” “We’re going to have to work harder, team,” Knoxville simply said . Later in the game, Danger Ehren also gave an answer that Knoxville thought was “stupid”, so he was also electrocuted. Ehren didn’t react as strongly as England, probably because he was looking forward to the taser, as he shared, “I don’t know, I can’t think. I’m freaking out!” But the probing wasn’t limited to his teammates. In fact, Knoxville shocked himself by pulling out his stun gun when he gave the wrong answer himself. Meanwhile, Harvey still can’t believe Knoxville would punish his team so aggressively, as he told the Jackass star: “You know, when your teammates give an answer, you’re supposed to say, ‘Good answer’ . Good answer.’ You shouldn’t punish him by touching his ass.”