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Italy is currently voting to elect a new prime minister and parliament – but what happens next, will Georgia Meloni become the new prime minister?

When will we have official results?

Voting closes tonight at 10pm UK time, after which we will start our first exit vote.

Then, we may have to wait until Monday morning or afternoon for official closing results.

It’s important to remember that because of Italy’s electoral system, it’s usually a coalition rather than a party that wins.

When will we know who the new Prime Minister is?

It may take a while before we officially know who is Italythe next PM, as several procedures need to be done before, and some unexpected events may occur.

In fact, both houses of Parliament, the House of Representatives and the Senate are required to elect their presidents and coalition/party leaders after the official results are determined.

The nominees will then consult with the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, who will assess whether there is a majority in support of the new government in parliament.

There is no exact duration, but analysts believe it will last until at least mid-October.

When the majority vote is established, President Mattarella will consult with the winning coalition, which will propose a new prime minister and council of ministers.

At that time, the president will formally appoint the new prime minister and ministers. It’s hard to predict exactly when that will happen, but analysts think it could happen in the second half of October.

Will Giorgia Meloni be the new Prime Minister?

If the latest polls are correct, a centre-right coalition of Ms Meloni’s far-right Brothers Italia, Silvio Berlusconi’s Force Italia and Matteo Salvini’s Coalition parties could be in parliament Both chambers win, and Ms Melloni’s party will get the most votes.

If that happens, Ms Meloni may be offered by her coalition as prime minister, which President Mattarella may accept.

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However, as in previous elections, parties in the winning coalition could also start to diverge on certain issues.

For example, Mr Berlusconi and Mr Salvini could prevent Ms Meloni from coming up with another name for the prime minister.

At this point, President Mattarella could step in and choose a completely different prime minister.

Another possible outcome is for the centre-right coalition to win by a narrow majority, as the 5-star party garnered more votes than expected, especially in the south.

In this case, the president might even consider appointing a super-partisan (impartial) figure as prime minister.

Analysts said the last two scenarios were unlikely, but they also pointed out that unexpected outcomes should not be ruled out entirely because Italian politics are often unpredictable.