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Who will put the brakes on Herbert Kickl as chancellor? Great concern for the Blues!

Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer (James Manning/PA) (PA Wire)

Labour’s annual meeting kicks off in Liverpool on Sunday, with expectations high for the Jazz Keir Starmer Draw the line between his party and the new Conservative government.

Labour leader’s supporters hope he will use the four-day gathering to capitalise Liz Truss and economic measures of Kwasi Kwarteng.

The government’s controversial removal of caps on bankers’ bonuses, a crackdown on welfare and a massive tax cut largely benefiting the wealthy has widened the ideological divide between the two main parties and provided Labour with plenty of ammunition.

We’ve seen trickle-down economics before.It doesn’t work…I think it will make it worse for the next generation

Deputy Leader Angela Rayner

Sir Kyle tweeted ahead of the meeting that his line of attack had a taste: “Conservative casino economics are gambling on the mortgage and finances of every household in this country.

“Labour will ensure the growth of working people for the benefit of all communities”.

He is expected to link Conservative decisions to falling living standards and present a compelling vision to improve them.

Labor’s call for a heavier windfall tax on the profits of energy and oil majors to fund a freeze on energy bills – which Ms Truss is paying for by borrowing – will be a key part of the debate.

Deputy head Angela Rayner Criticised the government’s “trickle down” economy and said her party would focus on “long-term growth”.

She told BBC Breakfast on Saturday: “We’re not making choices around tax cuts at the moment, we don’t think that’s the way forward.

“When oil and gas companies are making billions of pounds in profits, we’re going to ask them to pay a little more and not put all of that money in national debt. We don’t think that’s the right priority.

“We’ve seen trickle-down economics before. It doesn’t work, we don’t believe it’s going to stimulate the economy. And, you know, I think it’s going to make it worse for the next generation.”

She said Labour would scrap the top 45p income tax rate, arguing that “those with the widest shoulders should pay more”.

Sir Keir will seek to shape himself as a future prime minister in a speech on Tuesday, his confidence boosted by a comfortable lead in the polls.

There are concerns, however, that the gap has not widened despite Boris Johnson’s volatile government and voters still unsure of the direction his successor is taking.

Sir Keir’s hopes of leading the party to victory in the next general election remain higher than last year’s conference and this is a make-or-break moment for him.

United union secretary Sharon Graham told the BBC the Labour leader should be “bolder” in his economic policy, rather than “stand still” in order to win power.

This year’s event – the second in-person meeting since he took office – is expected to reduce internal divisions due to the exodus of left-wing members of the party.

But the source of tension could be the debate over electoral reform and Sir Keir’s ban on front-row MPs from picket-line strikers, which cost Sam Tarry his shadow transport minister job in July.

There may also be some dissent when the national anthem is played at the start of Sunday’s rally. Former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn described the decision to sing the national anthem for the first time in recent history as “very bizarre”.

After Sir Keele paid tribute to the late Queen, Ms Rainer will begin the meeting with a pledge to end the Conservative Party’s “procurement racket” and instead reward businesses that create local jobs, skills and regeneration.

One in every six public procurement contracts issued by the government government Ms Rainer noted that over the past five years, businesses with links to tax havens have won.

“Under the next Labour government, cronies have no place to hide and corruption has no corners. We will give marching orders to the Conservative vile businessmen, end handouts to tax havens and oust failed suppliers,” she said.

This union These plans, which include large-scale insourcing of public contracts, are welcome.

Francis O’Grady, TUC secretary general, said: “These recommendations are much needed. Outsourcing has been a colossal waste of taxpayer dollars and has resulted in a race to the bottom of workers’ wages and conditions.”

Other announcements will include a new Hillsboro Act to help prevent future injustices with state participation.

Labour has also pledged to recruit carers by guaranteeing fair pay, workers’ rights and proper training under the National Nursing Service, as it claims “too many private equity firms are failing” in their duties to residents.

The party has also reaffirmed its slogan of “strike hard on crime, tough on its causes”, announced plans to prevent child exploitation and wants to create dedicated rape courts to quickly hear cases and support victims.

Labour chair Anneliese Dodds urged her party to unite “to build the better future our country deserves”.

She said: “We meet at a difficult time for the UK. Families and businesses are facing rising costs and the whole country is worried about a winter of uncertainty.

“Twelve years of Conservative government has left us with lower growth, lower investment and lower productivity. The only things that have gone up are inflation, interest rates and bankers’ bonuses.

“But Labour has a plan for a fairer, greener future that will safeguard our economy and kickstart growth, that will end the short-termism that has taken us from crisis to crisis, provide energy security and lower bills, seize future opportunities, Serve the working people.”

The Conservative Party Conference will be held in Birmingham from 2-5 October. The Lib Dems cancelled theirs because it was in the mourning period following the Queen’s death.