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Immigration rules will be relaxed as part of Liz Truss’ mission to promote growth.

The Prime Minister is expected to expand the government’s shortlist of occupations to help businesses fill vacancies by making it easier to recruit overseas workers.

Ms Truss is facing industry demands for more migrant workers to get visas to come to the UK, with labour shortages one of the main concerns expressed by employers across industries.

Businesses are frustrated that the skilled work visa system is not responding quickly enough to the shortages they are experiencing.

As first reported by The Sun, Downing Street has not denied that the Prime Minister is planning to ease the route to allow foreign workers to move to the UK.

During her campaign for leadership of the Conservative Party, Ms Truss pledged to address agricultural labour shortages through a short-term expansion of the seasonal worker scheme – partly due to post-Brexit freedom of movement restrictions and the heightened outbreak.

A recent government report warned that the shortages have severely affected the food and agriculture sectors, often forcing farmers to slaughter healthy pigs and leave fruit to rot in the fields.

The Seasonal Worker Scheme, first launched in 2019, temporarily allows 40,000 overseas workers to enter the UK for seasonal work in the horticulture and poultry industries.

According to The Sun, the cap is expected to be lifted and the six-month period extended.

A No 10 source said: “We need to take steps so that we have the right skills to stimulate growth in the economy, including the rural economy.

“This will involve an increase in numbers in some areas and a decrease in others. As the Prime Minister has made clear, we also want to see those who are not economically active returning to work.”

The government is expected to develop an immigration reform plan later this year.

It appears to be a departure from Boris Johnson’s stance on immigration and could anger some Brexit voters.

Ms Truss insisted her “relentless focus on economic growth” was “unapologetic”, even if it meant implementing unpopular policies.