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Ukrainian Musical Freedom Fighter with Clive Myrie, Portrait, Yulia Rubanova, Pictured: Violinist Yulia Rubanova of the Polish National Opera, Warsaw, Poland, (Agata Grzybowska/BBC/PA)

A member of the Ukrainian Free Orchestra said she believes “music and love are the things that save the world” as she encourages others to see her homeland as more than just conflict.

Violinist Yulia Rubanova was one of 75 Ukrainian musicians who came together during the Russian invasion of the country to deliver a message of defiance and hope.

A new BBC documentary, Ukraine’s Musical Freedom Fighters with Clive Merry, sees the presenter meet the members of the orchestra and follow them from practicing in Ukraine to getting together as the orchestra’s first rehearsal Warsaw For their July inaugural concert.

The show saw Rubanova with her parents Vienna, Austria After they finally left their hometown Mariupol They stayed there for three months after the war broke out.

She explained that she didn’t know for two months whether her parents were still alive and that they unexpectedly survived the missile attack.

The musician told PA news agency that when she got a place, she immediately agreed to join the Ukrainian Free Orchestra because she wanted to be “useful” for her home country.

“This summer, we’re all like cultural ambassadors, we can do something, we can help our country,” she said.

Orchestra tour Europe and U.S. In the past summer, including Royal Albert Hall Prom for the BBC.

Rubanova said: “We’ve traveled to many countries around the world and found audiences supporting us everywhere.

“We felt the incredible energy, which is important, it gives you the strength to keep going because you get exhausted hearing all the terrible news.

“That’s what we need ourselves.”

She added that even before they started playing at their concerts London, New York and Washington They were given a standing ovation, which made many musicians emotional during the united performance.

Rubanova told PA that music has always been an important element of her life since she was a child of musicians since she was a child, but it has been something she has particularly relied on during these difficult days amid the ongoing conflict.

“In these turbulent times, music really helps,” she said.

“I think music and love are the things that save the world.”

The musician added that she hopes the orchestra will help show the rest of the world that Ukraine is more than a conflict.

“We have to show the world Ukraine’s talented performers,” she said.

“It’s like 30% of the musicians in the orchestra are already part of the European orchestra, they’re already recognized in Europe.

“Our message to the world is that Ukraine is not just war, Ukraine has a lot to share, such as composers and many talented professional musicians. Ukraine has a very developed cultural layer.”

She added: “We also have to show the world we exist and not tire the world with all the bad news.

“To show that we have a lot (to share) in science and culture.

“We can do all these things at a very high level, we deserve attention, we deserve support and help.”

Ukrainian Musical Freedom Fighters with Clive Myrie will be on BBC Two and BBC iPlayer on 24 September at 7.35pm and on BBC Four on 25 September.

The Ukrainian Free Orchestra’s performance at the BBC Proms will also be broadcast on 25 September at 10pm on BBC Four and available on iPlayer.