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Bayern Munich’s honorary president Uli Hoeness has slammed criticism of hosting the World Cup in Qatar.

The conditions of migrant workers are one of the human rights issues that have been brought into focus long before the competition starts in November.

Hoeness, however, insists that workers are “better, not worse” in the country hosting the World Cup, and believes things are improving in the country compared to other Gulf nations.

“The World Cup will lead to better working conditions for people,” he told Sport1.

“One thing is also clear, Qatar’s workers got better during the World Cup, not worse. You should finally accept that instead of constantly bashing people.

“When the problem is in Afghanistan, people can only fly out through Qatar. The World Cup, Bayern’s commitment and other sporting events in the Gulf will lead to better working conditions for people there.

“I’ve never heard criticism of countries like Dubai, Kuwait, etc. Only Qatar is being talked about. The only country that is really better because of the discussions going on is Qatar.”

Bayern’s own links to Qatar have frustrated many fans, leading to a hostile atmosphere at the team’s annual general meeting in November.

The Bundesliga champions signed a five-year sponsorship deal with Qatar Airways in 2018 and regularly travels to the country for training during the winter break.