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Agony victory in Magdeburg |

Headball giant Pfeiffer redeemed Darmstadt

When all else fails, Darmstadt unpacks the giants!

In the game in Magdeburg, the lilies ran for almost 80 minutes. But the ball didn’t want to go in, or goalkeeper Reimann saved.

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The antidote came in the 78th minute: Kempe corner, Pfeiffer header – 1:0, the win! It is the fourth goal of the season for the 1.96 meter giant. All with their heads.

What a scene! Teammate fouled and still got the free kick

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And: With a total of nine header goals, the Darmstadt team is the leader in the league

But much more important: Due to the success of the newly promoted team, the Lilien already have the autumn championship in the bag before the last first round game on Sunday against Fürth (1.30 p.m.). Are four points ahead of HSV.

It was a strange game. With a lot of speed before the break, but only one real chance: Tietz forgives free in front of Magedburg goalkeeper Reimann (12th).

At halftime, the goalkeeper’s shoes remained in the dressing room, muscular problems. But Brunst made his Darmstadt debut. Ironically, in Magdeburg, where he played from 2017 to 2020.

He had nothing to hold on to. Because after an unauthorized dismissal against Magdeburg’s Piccini (54th / after VAR), Darmstadt was in the majority.

Trainer Lieberknecht: “It was definitely not a red card. Yellow would have sufficed.”

His team found it extremely difficult after that and can hardly create any chances. Until Pfeiffer came…

By the way: Darmstadt has been unbeaten for 17 competitive games in a row and has won all five duels against Magdeburg so far.