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After the chaos in September 2021 |

Bundestag for partial repetition of the Berlin election

Berlin – On Thursday evening (November 10), the Bundestag decided on the partial repetition of the federal elections from September last year in Berlin. The result: In a total of 431 voting districts, the citizens should again cast the first and second vote.

Late on Thursday evening, the plenary followed a corresponding recommendation by the Election Review Committee with the votes of the coalition. The partial repetition did not go far enough for the Union – they wanted to have completely new elections in six of the twelve Berlin constituencies.

When the partial repetition will take place is open. Because it is considered likely that the parliamentary decision will be challenged before the Federal Constitutional Court.

Lots of glitches in the election

The federal election on September 26, 2021 was chaotic in many polling stations in Berlin. There were long queues and waiting times, incorrect or missing ballot papers, which is why polling stations had to be temporarily closed. In many places, the polling stations stayed open until well after 6 p.m. to enable those waiting to cast their votes.

The administration was hopelessly overwhelmed because the House of Representatives and the twelve district parliaments were being re-elected at the same time as the Bundestag. There was also a referendum on the expropriation of large housing groups.

The Berlin Constitutional Court will decide on the repetition of the election to the House of Representatives next Wednesday (16th). It is becoming apparent that the election of the state parliament will be repeated in its entirety.