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Ex-Reus-Physio Zetzmann |

“More disappointed than surprised by Marcos World Cup exit”

Nothing again! Dortmund striker Marco Reus (33) will miss his next – and probably last – big tournament. The bad luck with injuries has stayed with him. What his longtime BVB and private physio Thomas Zetzmann (51) very much regrets.

BILD: How surprised were you by the news that Marco Reus was eliminated from the World Cup?

Zetzmann: “I’m much more disappointed than surprised. I’m sure everyone did their best for Marco to be there in Qatar. And yet it wasn’t enough. That’s bloody bitter!”

BILD: Why is Reus so prone to injury?

Zetzmann: “Of course, that cannot be answered in two sentences. However, the fact is that the majority of his injuries during my time at Borussia were the result of opponent involvement and were less muscular.”

Thomas Zetzmann looked after Marco Reus – if necessary – even on vacation

Photo: picture alliance / augenklick/firo Sportphoto

BILD: As Marco Reus’ personal physio, you even trained with him – if necessary – on vacation. And their roster completely tailored to him. Nevertheless, BVB parted ways with you in the summer. After 16 years. Understandable?

Zetzmann: “Borussia apparently wanted to break new ground in the medical field. Which is legitimate after such a long time. On the other hand, medicine is based on mutual trust – and Marco and I had that from the start. I have no knowledge of what happened in Dortmund in the months after I left.”

BILD: Did your dismissal bring Reus or BVB any further?

Zetzmann: “It’s not for me to rate or judge that. It’s better for others to do that. But sometimes it’s good to break out of a deadlock.”

At the end of last season, Physio Thomas Zetzmann officially said goodbye to BVB after 16 years

At the end of last season, Physio Thomas Zetzmann officially said goodbye to BVB after 16 years

Photo: picture alliance/dpa/Revierfoto

BILD: Are you still in contact with Marco?

Zetzmann: “Less at the moment. After so many years of intensive cooperation, it’s good to look at the situation from a distance. Even if it makes me pretty sad right now…”

BILD: What do you do yourself and what does your future look like?

Zetzmann: “Right now I’m enjoying being with my son (20) and my mother (86). In addition, I also do various training courses in rehabilitation and football. Because I am a football therapist through and through – and have been for my entire professional life. That’s why I can well imagine taking over the individual care of long-term injuries within a club or with selected teams again soon. I’m open to new challenges.”