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Who will put the brakes on Herbert Kickl as chancellor? Great concern for the Blues!

Completely new tones in the public sector!

ARD talk show host Frank Plasberg (65, “Hard but fair”) considers a reform of public broadcasting to be overdue and warns against politically correct “overzealousness” in reporting.

“We sometimes broadcast over people’s heads,” he said on the capital city podcast of “The Pioneer” (Friday). The journalist, who will moderate the ARD program “Hart aber fair” for the last time next Monday after 22 years and 750 programs, complained about the one-sidedness of the program!

Plasberg: “Diversity is an important issue and minority in any form must take place. The question is whether you have to do it with overzealousness.”

And further: “Doesn’t one also understand diversity to mean thinking of people who in the majority are becoming a minority, such as the perspective of the commuter flat rate with diesel in the country and not the premium for cargo bikes?”

According to Plasberg, public broadcasting must be reformed. He names Radio Bremen as a role model.

“Anyone who knows the lean structures at Radio Bremen, the director doesn’t even have a company bicycle, then you know where the right place for reform and a new start is,” says Plasberg. “Learning from Bremen means learning to survive.”

“Longing to be on the right side”

More important than the question of structure is the rethinking of the journalists. There are too few controversial voices, he complained.

︎ Plasberg: “I wish that young editors, even in secure positions under public law, would not have such a longing to reassure each other with a good feeling that they are on the right side, and also sometimes bring uncomfortable topics into the program that ultimately increase the credibility of the system.”

“Where is the Sigmund Gottlieb 4.0?” Plasberg said, referring to the former editor-in-chief of Bayerischer Rundfunk, who was considered conservative.

Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck (53, Greens)

Foto: picture alliance/dpa

In the interview, Plasberg also revealed himself as a Green voter who would like Robert Habeck to be in the Chancellery, saying: “I would very, very much like to see someone who has a different style of explaining politics in the Chancellery, still today.”

The moderator believes that the criticism of Habeck in recent months has been exaggerated.

scientists demand No more genders on ARD and ZDF!

Scientists demand: No more genders on ARD and ZDF!

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