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Who will put the brakes on Herbert Kickl as chancellor? Great concern for the Blues!

The TV channel GB News is considered a bastion of Brexit supporters. But what the channel’s latest survey revealed robbed even the moderator of speech. Martin Daubney did not get over the fact that 55 percent of viewers now consider leaving the EU a bad idea. The scene was symbolic: after the British government had not mentioned Brexit for years or at least downplayed negative consequences, the word is on everyone’s lips again.
“Back to the future”, commented the portal Politico. Triggers: A report by the Sunday Times that Prime Minister Rishi Sunday wants a rapprochement with the EU on the model of Switzerland because of the severe economic crisis. This should remove the barriers to trade with the EU. The Financial Times then wrote, citing its own research, that such comparisons had been made in government circles.

Sunak denied that such ideas existed. “I voted for Brexit, I believe in Brexit and I know that Brexit can and has delivered tremendous benefits and opportunities for this country,” the head of government said at a conference on Monday. The EU Commission announced that it had not made an offer, but was working together on the basis of the negotiated contracts with London.
It is not surprising that the discussion nevertheless arises. The United Kingdom’s economic situation is poor: recession, high inflation, skill shortages and falling real wages are just the main problems. Treasury Secretary Jeremy Hunt wants to get around 55 billion pounds (63 billion euros) into the empty coffers with tax increases and spending cuts.

But what caused a stir in conservative circles was that Hunt advocated more immigration to boost the economy and fill gaps, while anger over free movement was a Brexit driver. “Don’t betray us on Brexit,” the conservative daily Daily Mail warned. Former Minister of Culture Nadine Dorries, a close confidant of former Prime Minister Boris Johnson, shared the post on Twitter.
Johnson is still seen as the face of Brexit. “Get Brexit Done” was Johnson’s mantra, and many conservatives still claim he did it. The withdrawal agreement with the EU has left many questions open that are still awaiting an answer. While the Treaty largely ensures trouble-free trade, tariffs have been created and bureaucracy has increased significantly. Bilateral trade collapsed.

Recently, the bad news for Brexiteers has increased. Conservative former Environment Minister George Eustice criticized the free trade agreement with Australia, hailed by the government as the first important treaty after Brexit, as bad for Britain. The independent economic regulator OBR stressed that Brexit had “significant adverse effects on trade” with the EU and was damaging the economy sustainably. Finally, opinion polling institute Yogov determined that Brexit approval was lower than ever, which was confirmed by GB News of all people.
Brexit is back, they say in London. “It feels like the Conservative Party is finally recognizing the economic reality,” said Gavin Barwell, former Chief of Staff of Prime Minister Theresa May, in an interview with Politico.

It is hardly to be expected that Britain will suddenly reverse and return to the EU. In the Conservative Party, the influence of Brexit supporters has rather increased since the exit. In addition, opposition leader Keir Starmer of the Labour Party, who according to surveys has a good chance of winning the next election 2024, refuses to return to the internal market.
But the fact that there is now debate and Brexit is no longer the elephant in the room could help, according to observers. In order to move the country forward, it is important to recognise the problems caused by Brexit. Otherwise, there would be a further standstill.